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Nate Carr, owner and operator of Sapphire Woodworks in Hobson, Montana, has been building custom, unique, hardwood furniture since 2006. Fueled by imagination and vision, Sapphire Woodworks aims to create custom wood pieces that bring beauty and balance to the space in your home or business. Tall Boys Tavern of Hobson, doubles as a showroom, displaying Sapphire’s dining tables, bistro-style booths, and one-of-a-kind light fixtures. At Sapphire Woodworks, our goal is to craft beautifully-designed, custom pieces that provide form and function, and we work closely with our clients to achieve this end.



We craft unique wood pieces for every need. Our specialties include: counter tops, butcher blocks, live edge shelving, bar tops, tables, cutting boards, chairs, and more. We custom design pieces for whatever your need may be- get in touch with us for a free quote!



At Sapphire Woodworks, we work with arborists to purchases logs of workable lengths that have been removed from local properties. Whether you have trees you’d like removed, or if you just want to see what your extra wood is worth, Sapphire Woodworks can work with you to remove the wood, and offer a competitive price.



At Sapphire Woodworks, we offer free quotes for our custom, Montana-made designs. Have a project you’ve meaning to do, but haven’t found the time? Let us craft something beautiful and truly unique for you! We have years of experience, as well as the know-how to get the project done right. Reach out to us and see what we can do for you!

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  • Wood Counter Tops and Butcher Blocks

  • Live Edge Shelving

  • Bar Tops

  • End Tables

  • Coffee Tables

  • Cutting Boards

  • Mantles

  • Hearths

  • Chairs

  • Custom Pieces

  • Unfinished Slabs

  • Custom Milling Chairs

  • Live Edge Tables



  • Waterlox- natural, hand applied finish

  • Conversion Varnish - the most durable and natural looking sprayed on finish.

  • Epoxy -  1/8" - 1/4" Thick layer of protection for high traffic areas.

  • Polyurethane - Economical and Durable

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We source much of our lumber from locally-salvaged trees that would otherwise become firewood or waste. Local varieties include: elm, ash, cottonwood, box elder, birch, willow, and anything we can get our hands on. We believe all species of tree have the potential to become something both beautiful and durable.

Additionally, we work with a variety of commercially-available domestic and exotic lumber, including: common softwoods, black walnut, alder, oak, ipe, teak, and tigerwood.

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Unparalleled quality

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With years of experience crafting exceptional and unique wood pieces, Sapphire Woodworks has something for every taste. Our attention to detail and unrivaled customer service sets us apart, and our commitment to local sourcing and crafting helps to keep local business thriving. Our aim is to exceed expectations in every way- come see the Sapphire difference!


Live edge table design options include: species, plank width, table base and finish. We have sources to work with virtually any species suitable for tabletops, including both hard and softwoods, as well as new and reclaimed lumber. In some cases, tabletops can be constructed from one solid piece of lumber, though most designs use 2 or 3 planks for the top. We offer table base options with both rustic and modern designs that utilize solid posts, industrial steel or logs (upon availability).


We build completely custom, solid wood counters shaped to fit your space. Popular hardwoods include: walnut, maple, and cherry, but we can use any type of wood desired. We offer custom cutouts for sinks and other accessories. Formats include: live edge, wide plank, face grain, edge grain, and end grain.


A labor of love

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Below: Sapphire Woodworks owner, Nate Carr and wife Liz, discuss Tall Boys Tavern in Triangle Communication’s promo video featuring the restaurant in Hobson, Montana.


Have A Project? Get In Touch!

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Fueled by imagination and vision, Sapphire Woodworks aims to create custom pieces that bring beauty and balance to the space in your home or business.

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